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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Administrative Assistant II-Campus04/03/2020UnitLamesa - SmithApply
Administrative Assistant II-Campus04/02/2020UnitHuntsville - HollidayApply
Academic Teacher - Changes04/01/2020UnitColorado City - WallaceApply
Craft Instructor /CTECH04/01/2020UnitAustin - TravisApply
Principal03/31/2020UnitAmarillo - ClementsApply
Administrative Assistant III - Library03/31/2020District AdministrativeHuntsville - Central OfficeApply
Counselor03/30/2020UnitTennessee Colony - CoffieldApply
Academic Teacher - Changes03/30/2020UnitBryan - HamiltonApply
Counselor03/30/2020UnitHuntsville - WynneApply
Library Clerk II03/19/2020UnitHuntsville - EstelleApply
Construction Fundamentals03/18/2020UnitPlainview - FormbyApply
Craft Instructor03/18/2020UnitBeeville - McConnellApply
Academic Teacher- Cognitive03/18/2020UnitJasper - GoodmanApply
Academic Teacher03/18/2020UnitWoodville - LewisApply
Academic Teacher03/18/2020UnitWoodville - LewisApply
Academic Teacher03/18/2020UnitJasper - GoodmanApply
Academic Teacher - Changes03/17/2020UnitDayton - HenleyApply
Academic Teacher03/17/2020UnitDayton - PlaneApply
Academic Teacher03/17/2020UnitDayton - PlaneApply
Academic Teacher - Changes03/17/2020UnitDayton - PlaneApply
Academic Teacher03/17/2020UnitDayton - PlaneApply
Communications Administrator03/16/2020District AdministrativeHuntsville - Central OfficeApply
Academic Teacher03/16/2020UnitBrazoria - ClemensApply
Academic Teacher03/16/2020UnitBrazoria - ClemensApply
Academic Teacher03/16/2020UnitBrazoria - ClemensApply
Academic Teacher / ****BONUS*******03/16/2020UnitLamesa - SmithApply
Academic Teacher03/16/2020UnitColorado City - WallaceApply
Health & Wellness Coordinator03/16/2020UnitFt Stockton - Ft StocktonApply
Application Developer03/16/2020District AdministrativeHuntsville - Central OfficeApply
Academic Teacher - Changes03/06/2020UnitEdinburg - SegoviaApply
Executive Assistant03/06/2020District AdministrativeHuntsville - Central OfficeApply
Culinary Arts03/06/2020UnitMidway - FergusonApply
Academic Teacher- Cognitive03/06/2020UnitDayton - PlaneApply
Academic Teacher- Cognitive03/06/2020UnitHuntsville - WynneApply
Academic Teacher03/06/2020UnitIowa Park - AllredApply
Academic Teacher **BONUS**03/06/2020UnitChildress - RoachApply
Academic Teacher **BONUS**03/06/2020UnitChildress - RoachApply
Academic Teacher03/05/2020UnitBrownfield - RuddApply
Academic Teacher03/05/2020UnitLamesa - SmithApply
Culinary Arts03/05/2020UnitAustin - TravisApply
Academic Teacher03/04/2020UnitColorado City - WallaceApply
Construction Fundamentals03/04/2020UnitLamesa - SmithApply
Construction Fundamentals03/04/2020UnitHuntsville - WynneApply
Cognitive Intervention Teacher **BONUS**03/04/2020UnitTulia - TuliaApply
Academic Teacher **BONUS**03/04/2020UnitTulia - TuliaApply
Academic Teacher/CIP **BONUS**03/04/2020UnitDalhart - DalhartApply
Construction Fundamentals03/04/2020UnitHuntsville - HollidayApply
Counselor ***BONUS***03/04/2020UnitSnyder - DanielApply
Educational Diagnostician03/03/2020UnitDallas - HutchinsApply
Educational Diagnostician03/03/2020UnitRosharon - DarringtonApply